The material’s color and natural shine give seagrass a high aesthetic value. The dried stalks seem almost paper-like.

The here used fibers were supplied by Strand-Manufaktur near Flensburg in the North of Germany. Kristian Dittmann, the company owner, describes the material’s treatment and use as follows: “We harvest at the beach, rinse it with potable water and air-dry it. That’s as “eco” as it can get. Along the coast the clean and dried seagrass has been used as darning wool for stuffing mattresses and insulating houses for decades. We stuff hand-sewn pillows and mattresses with it.” He also mentions the pleasant smell which can be compared to tea or straw in its intensity.

As seagrass is very resistant to humidity, it became interesting for many experiments. One special concern was to process the fibers while keeping them visible in a textile-weave or pressed.


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